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Inside Syria

The Syrian Stumble Part 2 The biggest humanitarian crisis of the recent century has sparked world-wide protests in across the globe, igniting wild fire as over 2 million Syrian refugees has been

The casualties of war

The constant victimization within Karachi occupies our minds. One of the most vibrant cities of our times is going through a catharsis. Endless bloodshed is necessarily the order of the day, as

Zeeshan Shah

The Syrian stumble

The war on terror has changed the landscape of the Middle East. It has brought in a new world order and created divide between the East and the West. In this context,

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The art of war

The war in Afghanistan has reached a decisive stage. Few contradictions exist in this scenario when we review the ground reality within the region. Let’s go further and analyse the facts here.

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The Kennedy Tapes

The multi-million dollar Kennedy Dynasty has always been beset by scandal. In the twenties, Joseph Kennedy Sr. followed the lead of gangsters like Al Capone who built their empires on bootlegging during