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The rebirth of Chauburji

Let me take you to a monument which was until very recently breathing its last. Only a few months ago, the very existence of this monument was being hotly debated, and there

The Great Gama and Lahore

Such is his legacy that even so many years after his passing away, every wrestler in India and Pakistan aspires to be like Gama – the Undefeated, never having lost a single bout

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Heritage Now

Value your heritage We have a world today that has destroyed much of its heritage through war and neglect. Our itinerant society and speedy world has caused us to forget much of


A slave-to-general story       Ek Hi Saf Mein Kharay Ho Gaye Mahmood-O-Ayaz, Na Koi Banda Raha Aur Na Koi Banda Nawaz. You might have read these lines of Allama Iqbal

Bradlaugh Hall

The crumbling beauty How many of you are familiar with this beautiful 19th century hall located on Lahore’s Rattigan Road? Let me take you through this historic hall today and why it

Fort’s secretariat

Obvious but unnoticed   Imagine the life in the Makatib Khana… Travelers coming in fort, registering their names with the clerks, wearing flowing robes and colourful headgears, to meet the royals and

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Mahabat Khan’s garden

Another controversial tomb! This is Mahabat Khan’s Garden which was once among many of the Chahar Bagh Gardens built along the road to Shalimar Gardens by the Mughal aristocracy   Mahabat Khan

Thandiani and dancing clouds!

A British era hill station Despite the beauty and weather Thandiani is an undeveloped tourist spot. The abandoned buildings, a small church and GPO are the only imposing structures around a few