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An adroit translation  

The book is likely to arouse curiosity and interest among the Urdu reading public in the life and work of the man who coined the moniker Pakistan     Title:  Sawaneh Hayat Chaudhry

Syed Afsar Sajid

Of feministic literature

  The mood of the poems is described by the translator as ‘distant, watchful, wary; retaining a scathing honesty as she probes and questions modes of feeling, thinking, being’  Kicking up Dust

Syed Afsar Sajid

Of fiction, Old and New

  The two books belong to two entirely different epochs of literary lineage viz., the early modern and the post-modern converging on a cross-literary mosaic The Valley of Fear Author: Arthur Conan

Syed Afsar Sajid

Of multi-lingual fiction

Three disparate pieces of fiction in Punjabi, Spanish (translation), and Urdu, with an avowedly non-linguistic but kindred affinity, have been chosen as the subject of this review   ‘The Prologue with Lazaro’s

Syed Afsar Sajid

‘Times are changing’

Ejaz Rahim’s prolific verse projects him as a thinker endowed with the perceptions of a poet ‘Ejaz Rahim’s excellent academic career and rich public service experience coupled with an unmitigated artistic penchant

Syed Afsar Sajid

Of language, criticism and music

Title: Alamgeeriyat aur Urdu aur deegar mazameen Author: Dr. Nasir Abbas Nayyar Publisher: Sang-e-Meel Publications, Lower Mall, Lahore Pages: 327 – Price: Rs.990/- Title: Khushk Chashmay kay Kinaray Author: Nasir Kazmi Publisher: