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Shah Nawaz Mohal

Dead Democracy

 From Socrates till now, how the ‘flawed’ idea of Democracy baffles mankind  Democracy, dear reader, has bid us farewell on its way to spend the rest of the eternity in perdition. We have

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Silly little miseries

And how we try to transcend loneliness, apathy and existence through others  To the rational and pragmatic, misery, suffering and agony are something to be avoided at all cost. The meaning of

Shah Nawaz Mohal

The last regret

 Trying to uncover the reason behind ‘Ending it All’  This column is about suicide and I won’t give a single statistic, Google them. Type Suicide in that all knowing, all observing, all

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Sad, somber tales of yore

 Reading partition literature in times of a pandemic  ‘Everything popular is wrong,’ in our land these words by Oscar Wilde haunt few ‘renegades’ who have been ‘led astray’ by forgotten, condemned, relegated

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Herculean tasks

A complete failure to deliver  Many of us are staunch believers of Great Man Theory which suggests that the current of time is molded and swayed by mighty, larger than life men

Shah Nawaz Mohal

Laugh until it lasts

In times of a global pandemic, let us traverse the peaks and valleys of laughter  You hear the jarring laughter roar through screens big and small. The anchor-cum-comedian-cum-intellectual-cum-clown-cum-psychoanalyst-cum-impossibly funny man has cracked,