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The wrath of a nation

What makes Pakistanis so angry? Breath fuming, mouth swearing, eyes bulging– that’s the impression an average Pakistani has made on the world. And thanks to the image, we have made it to

To speak one’s language

Linguistic-Nationalist movements in Pakistan Recently, the Sindh Assembly passed a unanimous resolution, asking the provincial government to ensure that every private school teaches the Sindhi Language as part of its curriculum. As

When the Aurat marched

What turned the women abusive? The Aurat marched and created havoc. Men are seething with anger and women are preaching morals. Far from acknowledging the depth of issues addressed and questions asked,

It ain’t over

Women vow to fight on On March 8, half of Pakistan’s population joined more than 50 percent of the people living in this world to celebrate their existence. On Women’s Day, the

Media in the headlines

News industry’s bid for survival Media in Pakistan is faced these days with a rather paradoxical situation. As regulations are revised amid critically low revenues and journalists are laid off on a