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Speaking of autonomy

It has been about a month since the IMF report on Pakistan ‘ingeniously’ highlighted the economy’s fragility. A sense of urgency was incumbent; the PM quickly and quite conveniently replaced the secretaries

A closed economy?

Self-proclaimed economists many a times lead one to experience a fatal cringing and a heightened need to claw. The latest argument encountered by the writer on what policy makers should and shouldn’t

Status Quo Ahead

The government has made a comeback for all those who were wondering what banks’ next avenue of choice would be. With a complete and partially rejected auction up its sleeve, the financial

Evaluating dependency on the US

The extrapolation of the neo-colonial discourse onto the Pakistani geo-political context provides the most commonplace and plausible explanation; the United States exercises control over the Pakistani political and economic system, and, of

Why won’t you privatise?

Since it has been well established that the mode de gouvernance relevant for the Pakistani political landscape is to avoid a horizontal alignment at all costs, the government today and in future

Very visible ‘arms’ of the govt

In the recent episode of almighty IMF summoning esteemed members of the government, assurances were exchanged with respect to the restructuring of the Trading Corporation of Pakistan(TCP), Utility Stores Corporation and PASSCO.

Hold your head high SBP

It seems that SBP put on its cap of wisdom this time around, quite a turnaround from the previous statement, if one may consider thankfully so. While inflation may always be monetary

Revisiting govt borrowing

There suddenly seem to have emerged a plethora of variables for the layman to understand the direction that the fiscal deficit funded by government borrowing is taking. Since time and beyond, analysis

Money talks but what walks?

While Marxism may not be the ‘way’ for the day, it is an ideal framework for understanding the inherent dynamics under capitalism for those who are increasingly reminded of their importance as

Reining the twin deficits

The intricately embellished couch adorned with invaluable gems has begun to show signs of age. And those who had seated themselves, quite comfortably, on what they thought would be a timeless abode