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Too many dying in road accidents

Traffic accidents have seen an increase in the provincial metropolis over the last year, Pakistan Today has learnt. According to a report, more than 2,500 accidetna have been reported in Punjab, with

Blog for business

Blogs have become a new ecommerce buzz. Marketers are blogging for organisations, products, ideas and or for other goals and achieving. A business blog is the one published by or with the

E-commerce on a global scale

E-commerce is global in nature. Connected users from all over the world will resort to online shopping if businesses can offer safe, user-friendly online shopping experience. A recent international ecommerce survey conducted

Commerce anywhere, anytime

Billions of people are using mobile phone and handheld wireless devices worldwide. Global shipments of mobile phones (and other wireless devices) have surpassed shipments of laptops and desktop computers earlier this year.

Reliance and risks

The significant use of the internet and related web technologies give businesses greater opportunities and help them conduct operations that reach every corner of the economy. In this era, computers and the