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Let It Go

“…a word that begins with ‘g’ was used to describe human buttocks- quite the normal word for a normal part of a person’s body. It featured in respectable literature, and even in

It ends in the middle

“The implication: if you’re truly a legend, you should have had the grace to have died.” What if Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan had lived past his 48 years? What if this man

The Unfits

Art imitates life, no matter how unfortunate the source of inspiration One of the best episodes of the seminal comedy show Alif Noon opens with a shot of Rafi Khawar aka Nanha

Once upon a city

No use crying over spilt milk – and yet we lament Once upon a city, there were kingfisher birds. To the cacophony of bird songs that rang in the morning, they added