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Nadeem Ul Haque

Designing democracy

…and what is the PM term?   It is contended that no PM finished his term in Pakistan’s history. That’s an exaggeration   ‘Tenure of the government’ is a term that is

Nadeem Ul Haque

Why not Khokhas everywhere?

As alien a concept as it may appear, liberalising street vendors may actually be beneficial Street-vending through kiosks (khokhas or dhabas) or mobile vendors (chabri wallahs, truck, bicycles or motor cycles) are

Nadeem Ul Haque

Where are our cities?

Why does the myth of rural Pakistan persist? Why do Pakistani official circles still like to maintain Pakistan is a rural country? Every pronouncement of government, at the cabinet table and even

Nadeem Ul Haque

The Modi visit

Some serious questions   Let me begin by stating my fervent hope that PM Narendra Modi’s visit will be a genuine breakthrough to peace between India and Pakistan. Like many others I

Save democracy, constitution

In the name of democracy, public service and governance has suffered The two dharnas with all their dramas have generated a deep division in the Pakistani media and perhaps even society. One

Nadeem Ul Haque

Doing away with the defunct

We cannot follow economists of yesteryears anymore Lord Keynes had famously said that “Practical men, who believe themselves to be quite exempt from any intellectual influences, are usually slaves of some defunct

Nadeem Ul Haque

Dumping on technocrats

An easily misunderstood lot they are   Pakistani society at all levels has a very uneasy relationship with technocrats. The common refrain is, “we want ‘doers’ and not ‘thinkers’”. The implication being