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Nowhere to be seen

Islamic countries showed up nowhere in responding to the pandemic AT PENPOINT One of the more interesting features of the world’s response to the covid-19 pandemic has been the extent to which

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Blasé about bugs

Tapping phones needs a warrant AT PENPOINT Prime Minister Imran Khan probably did not intend to shed the light he did on the operations of the Intelligence Bureau or the Inter-Services Intelligence

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Electoral reforms

Easier said than done Prime Minister Imran Khan has shown why electoral reform, the reason for his famous 2014 Islamabad sit-in, is so difficult to achieve. The party or parties demanding reform

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Polls up north

Gilgit-Baltistan is not so much off to one side as it might seem AT PENPOINT Gilgit-Baltistan has had two elections since being made a province, but the third election, on Sunday, was

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Resetting the US

Trump is not going to fade away like previous one-termers Joe Biden has been elected President of the USA, but his predecessor is not going to do as his own four predecessors

CITY NOTES: Beheaded, not stirred

So far, Prime Minister Imran Khan has not said about French President Emanuel Macron what Turkish President Recip Erdogan has. Is he concerned about French imports from Pakistan? I’m not sure they

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The adult in the room

Americans face a stark choice this time Americans will have the privilege on Tuesday of choosing whether they want to retain their current President, Republican Donald Trump, for a further four years,