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Metropol issues 

Karachi being the provincial capital in Sindh and largest national revenue collection center in the country should enjoy the technological and infrastructural facilities that a metropolitan of its stature deserves, however, a

Role of spokesperson

Every political party, state or private institution, and major business groups chooses individuals as spokesperson to interact with the media. A lot of effort and evaluation precedes before these individuals are selected

The drama continues

Why is there so much fuss on Media regarding Pakistan Democratic Movement’s (PDM) current and potential plans to overthrow an existing government by an alleged scheme of putsch or coup d’état? Is

Himalayan Beauty

The highest on Earth, even the greatest literally, Mount Everest has been now creating many interesting news pieces after its latest height measurement by numerous laborious, great mountain surveyors out there. No

Govt vs PDM 

Rejecting the ultimatum given by Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) as ‘unconstitutional and undemocratic’, Foreign Minister Makhdoom Shah Mehmood Qureshi on Tuesday emphatically stated that neither Prime Minister Imran Khan would step down,

Dangers of uncertainty

The uncertainty that creates inferiority and depression in our mind and thoughts which express in our attitude and communication, there are few things who are not much important but we think without

Domestic violence 

Domestic violence is a violence that is done by a family member on another family member. Domestic violence is very common in our country and often practiced on children, parents and, particularly,

Pandemic and poverty

The coronavirus pandemic has worsened things for all, but the poor are more exposed to destitution, disease and death. Recently, two shocking and heart-rending incidents have happened in the country. On Saturday

Government servants beware

After passing matriculation examination in 1942-43, I joined the government service as a lower division clerk (LDC) in the office of commissioner Rawalpindi. Those were the times when life simple and people’s

Beyond traditional trade partners

 Pakistan and Tanzania have signed two Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) including on Bilateral Political Consultations between the two countries’ foreign ministries and for the Establishment of a Joint Commission on Economic Cooperation.

Addressing Bilawal

Peoples’ Party which was founded by the great leader of Pakistan history Mr. Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto who showed a democratic path in shape of 1973 constitution got immense popularity among the common

Health department retorts

The Primary and Secondary Healthcare Department (P&SHD), on Friday, has strongly rejected a story published in a local daily, dated 11-Dec-20 titled as “Vital medicine for heart patients short in market” In