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Harris Bin Munawar

The past that wasn’t

Before Pakistan makes the cultural choice of going back to the glory of its mythical past, it must remember that that past never existed Nationhood is a cultural artefact. It mixes political

Harris Bin Munawar

Politics of the Face

The American invasion of Afghanistan is a classic rape and rescue fantasy, according to my friend Vicki Sung at New York University. After American masculinity came under attack on 9/11, its feminisation

Harris Bin Munawar

A game called Snake

Playing against yourself At the core of Pakistan’s most popular mobile phone game Snake is a paradox: we are constantly manoeuvring to seek rewards that will make our lives harder. Since the

Harris Bin Munawar

Sex, TV and Maya Khan

Good riddance? “In Bombay, European prostitutes were concentrated at Cursetji Sukhlaji Street in the Kamathipura area. Here, the missionaries who formed themselves into a vigilante midnight mission to stamp out the nefarious

Harris Bin Munawar

Leave Aitzaz alone

A lawyer’s unwarranted media trial There is something gratifying about humiliated celebrities – Veena Malik’s bitter black mascara tears, Salman Butt going to jail, or VJ Mathira embarrassed by a caller live

Harris Bin Munawar

Invisible enemy

Pakistan fights terror like Europe fought the plague “Everyone locked up in his cage, everyone at his window, answering to his name and showing himself when asked – it is the great