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Faraz Talat

On death posititvity

We need to confront the inevitable We will all die eventually, and we need to talk about that. If you’ve ever been to a therapist, they’ll tell you that the best way

Faraz Talat

Pakistan hates vegetarians

Being vegetarian in Pakistan can be an utterly alientating experience I’ll start with an anecdote that should seem unusual, but isn’t. It’s happened several times. Going through the ‘Salads’ section of any

Faraz Talat

The ‘politician’ is not your enemy

Tabdeeli has happened before Mohammad Ali Jinnah was a civilian democratic ‘politician’ too. This needs to be stated outright before any reflexive condemnation of a siasatdaan (politician) comes our way. It is

Faraz Talat

Healing starts with a divorce

Keeping out the ‘sunk-cost fallacy’  There’s a term in economics for continued investment in a failed project, justified only by heavy investments in the past. The ‘sunk-cost fallacy’ refers to the irrational

Faraz Talat

Should we read Hitler’s book?

The short answer is ‘no’  Winston Churchill was a brilliant writer, I’ve been told. In 1953 Churchill was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature “for his mastery of historical and biographical description

Faraz Talat

Paris isn’t special

What about other historical buildings?   I was no more than 15 years old when I first visited Paris, and I heard no music in the streets. My family and I stayed