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Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

The diversified BRI

No matter how controversial the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), the potential and hidden benefits are enormous and thus cannot be easily counted. China has not taken this project unilaterally but collectively

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

China in Afghanistan

Best bet for peace in the region China has been emerging as a major power bringing peace between Pakistan and Afghanistan. This significantly matters as worrying nations could defuse mutual tension. China’s

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

Rohingya Genocide  

Another crime against humanity is taking place. Rohingya, an ethnic Muslim minority, mostly habited for centuries in the Rahkine State of Myanmar (formerly Burma) faces systematic prosecution at the hands of country’s

Dr Ahmad Rashid Malik

The Guam Threat

Will Trump follow through on his threats?   The North Korean threat would be well calculated by Washington and the blunder of Hawaii might not be repeated. The reaction could be much