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Did Bollywood revive Lollywood?

Without Dabang, producing Manto would have been impossible. It is by now cliché among Pakistan’s artistic community to suggest that the revival of Pakistani cinema owes a great deal to Bollywood, specifically to the government’s

PTCL Calls The Doc

When he took to the podium at the Management Association of Pakistan’s 18th Convention held in Karachi’s Mövenpick Hotel recently, Dr. Daniel Ritz, President and Chief Executive Officer of Pakistan Telecommunication Company

The grey economy of our black tea

Drawing attention of his friends, Naveed Pasha expresses his frustration over the poor state of education in the city at his favorite place to discuss the country’s social issues: a local teashop


In November 2014, two youngsters based in San Francisco decided to quit their startup jobs and return to their homeland to start a company of their own. Ali Ahsan and Ali Gul