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What Pakistan needs

Name of the game: National governments, power sharing The story of the election outcome in Afghanistan has been followed by somewhat similar circumstances in Pakistan, albeit in slow motion. Afghanistan is presently

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Karachi airport attack

Understanding the bigger picture As the concentration of Pakistan and the world was focused on the Karachi airport attack, alarming questions were raised once again. Some of these are concerning the next

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Dealing with the emerging world

Leading and surviving change     The fast pace of scientific and technological breakthroughs has enabled mankind to surmount many serious obstacles, be it in the domain of medicine, space, information technology,

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Future of South Asia

US, Chinese visions compete     After more than a decade of status quo in the geopolitical environment of South Asia, the region is now entering a phase of tremendous flux. The

Media and its consumers

The first should avoid ideological tilts in its reporting and analysis while the second needs to become slicker in arriving at the truth   With the availability of numerous on-line news sites

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The South Asian adjacency

Securing peace and trade   One rarely pays attention to where the terminology of Middle East, Near East, and Far East come from. Understanding their history helps to grasp the policies that

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Managing the rise of China

Crisis management for the future   International relations usually move at a steady pace, but from time to time game changing events prompt a rethink in global affairs. 9/11, and subsequent operations

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The grand strategy

NATO’s emerging response to Russian advances Debate has continued over what more NATO and European Union can do to punish Russia for taking over Crimea and to stop it from going any

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Muslim liberalism in retreat

Militaries, too, in unprecedented drift to the right As societies in the Islamic world undergo rapid transition, their institutions of governance are being pushed to adjust. Some of the major causes of

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Strategic considerations

What happens in Afghanistan will impact Pakistan’s handling of its insurgency   The demands and expectations for a military operation in North Waziristan have arisen a number of times in the past.