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Modi versus the Indian Constitution

Waning charisma ‘Secularism’, even if a later innovation, is intertwined into the design of the Indian Constitution, and rooted in the ethos of the freedom movement and the deliberations of the Constituent

Judicial and physical vandalism

Babri Mosque: Reliance on myths The recent Babri Mosque judgment shows that India’s Supreme Court is the handmaiden of Hindu fanatics. The judges rewarded the party that demolished the mosque. As eyewash,

Simmering India-Bangladesh bonhomie?

‘Bangladesh refugees are infiltrators, economic termites’ Before embarking on a three-day visit to India at the beginning of this month, Bangladeshi Prime Minister Hasina Wajid ordered removal, at the government’s expense, of

Kashmir shows Indian gaps

India should learn from the Kashmir experience India’s view is that abrogation of Kashmir’s special status and Kashmiris’ hereditary proprietary rights is an internal matter. They harp on the Kashmiris’ struggle to

India’s  nuclear threats

Shifting nuclear policy India’s Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s statement reflects a paradigm shift in India’s nuclear policy. It appears India has already perfected its delivery systems, and radar jamming capability. It launched

Babri Mosque Act II under Modi 2.0

After the Babri Mosque come another 5,000 mosques India’s Supreme Court ordered a settlement of the Ayodhya dispute through ‘mediation’ despite resistance by the Ram Janmabhoomi Nyas (Ram birth-place trust). This decision

Life in Modi-2.0’s la-la land?

More problems than just cows In post-election cow-vigilante’s India, fanatic Hindus’ new pastime is to lynch cap-wearing Muslims. A mosque-goer Muslim in Gurugram was told by a group of cap vigilantes to

Rising Islamophobia

The trend is all over It is alarming to see how Islamophobes have begun to dominate secular forces in ‘civilised’ Western democracies. During the 2008 US presidential election several Republican politicians asserted