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China’s string of pearls

What about India’s necklace of diamonds? A host of Indian generals, politicians and China-centered media gurus claimed that China was out to alter the status quo ante. Planet-Lab-imagery `corroborated’ exhibited pre-incursion and

Which LAC or status quo?

Indias record is not encouraging The post-Galwan joint statement resolves that the LAC and status quo shall be abided by. In the past also similar statements have been made. For instance, India’s

Narendra Modi on horns of dilemma?

Chinese `Go’ versus Indian Chess Congress leader Rahul Gandhi called chest-thumping Narendra Modi `surrender Modi’. While addressing the all-party conference,  Prime Minister Modi said, “Neither have they[Chinese] intruded into our border, nor has

The elusive virus

Will smoking help? Or astrology? covid-19 is an elusive virus. The common symptoms of covid-19 are dry cough, fever, sore throat, tiredness and respiratory difficulties. However, there is no consistency in the

COVID19: A Chinese bio-weapon?

Conspiracy theories galore US President Donald Trump thinks that covid-19 is a `Chinese virus’. Conspiracy theories are making the rounds that the virus was compounded in a Wuhan laboratory. Several US politicians

COVID-19 induced idleness

Work, leisure, idleness? The Devil must have laughed boisterously at the post-covid-19 `world disorder’. It is heyday for pseudo- and religious theories about its origin, foretold predictions and treatment. In Homer’s Iliad,

Trump in India

A boon or a bane? US President Donald Trump received an over-ebullient welcome in India. An ostensibly private trust, the Donald Trump Nagarik Abhinandan Samiti (Donald Trump Welcome Committee) organised Trump’s welcome

Coronavirus: Simplistic remedies?

India has the answer: cow dung Akhil Bharatiya Mahasabha (All-India Hindu Council) leader Chakrapani Maharaj claims “Consuming cow urine and cow dung will stop the effect of infectious coronavirus and other problems