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Ignoring the enemy within

Ehsanullah Ehsan deserves no clemency Is a self-confessed murderer being pardoned by the state just because he claimed to have worked for foreign intelligence agencies? Does this mean anyone who wants to

Time to amend the blasphemy law

Of inaction and misplaced priorities “Nisar needs to stop paying attention to non-issues and work on forming a plan to deal with the growing intolerance and extremism”, he said The political leadership’s

No end to the IJT’s thuggery?

Govt missing in action Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) leaders justified the violence committed by the IJT and said the group has the duty to intervene when something in violation of the Islamic values happens.

No, we are not “winning this”

About time security establishment is asked the real questions The Lahore High Court had placed a ban on protest demonstrations on Mall Road last year, but the provincial government has not implemented