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Agha Akbar

Of Facts and Fiction

A review of three books, one on the 1965 Pak-India War and two novels, one in Urdu and the other in English   From Kutch to Tashkent – The Indo-Pakistan War of 1965

Agha Akbar

Stories of the soul

 Scholarship is alive and well, but in the West! There are some works that, considering the writer’s foreign background, the many cross-cultural diversities he must have faced in his various researches and

Agha Akbar

Those were the days…

Recounting Pakistan’s great sporting successes in Asia    Once upon a time, Pakistan was truly an all-round sporting nation – producing podium performances at the Asian and the Commonwealth Games as a

Agha Akbar

Remembering Kinnaird

Mira Phailbus has remained at the helm of Kinnaird for the longest, and this makes her account a compelling read Agha Akbar There are instances when an institution and its leader are

All writers have their own, unique universe

‘Shaped by the intellectual and cultural environment of their times and their own creative preferences’. Interview: Yasmeen Hameed  Yasmeen Hameed is an eminent Pakistani Urdu poet with twenty-five years of experience in the

Agha Akbar

A wall of failed trust

From friendship to fiendship. An interview with Hussain Haqqani    Husain Haqqani, the author of Pakistan: Between Mosque and Military and India and Pakistan: Is Peace Real This Time has just published

Agha Akbar

No hope for Pakistan Hockey

The prevailing system is not good enough to lift the national sport from its bootstraps. An interview with Tauqir Dar.   Former Olympic gold medallist of the 1984 vintage, Tauqir Dar comes