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The Conspirator

A film divided against itself cannot stand. In the historical drama ‘The Conspirator,’ director Robert Redford is torn between telling the story of Mary Surratt, a Washington, D.C., woman implicated (wrongly, it

China bans foreigners from restive Tibetan areas

China has banned foreigners from some restive, heavily Tibetan parts of southwestern Sichuan province, travel agents said on Friday, in an apparent attempt to close off a region shaken by recent clashes

Yemen’s Saleh cool on Gulf exit plan

Yemen’s embattled President Ali Abdullah Saleh on Friday gave a cool response to a Gulf plan for him to quit, even as massive crowds returned to the streets to demand his immediate

India raises security concerns with Nepal

India’s foreign minister on Friday urged Nepal to provide better protection to Indian diplomats as he wound up a three-day visit to the Himalayan nation. India’s ambassador, Rakesh Sood, has faced several

New ‘Batman’ roles revealed

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard will play high-powered socialite Miranda Tate in the latest Batman film. She and her ‘Inception’ co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt signed to re-team with director Christopher Nolan last year, but

Where liberals fear to tread

Much has changed since the time of the classical jurists who studiously worked away writing tracts of theology, books of fiqh and treatises of spirituality. That was a time where the classical jurist had ample individual freedom to construct and pass verdicts independently of any central political authority and where the culture of learning embedded in Muslim society was more individualistic in contrast to today’s bureaucratic systems of education.
Muslim scholars in the past