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Abbas Hasan

Price of Power

Similarities in history Seymour Hersh’s seminal book the Price of Power is a discourse on the politics of Nixon and Kissinger, particularly how, for short term political gains, these two politicians damaged

Abbas Hasan

Plugging Leaks

A question of credibility The Panama leaks have taken the whole world – including Pakistan – by storm. In response, the government has publically stated than an inquiry commission headed by a

Abbas Hasan

Bread and circuses

And the PSL experience Trying to read Gibbons’ The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire while watching the Pakistan Super League (PSL) at the same time is a terrible idea as

Abbas Hasan

Signal-free hell

Who cares about logic? Having worked with leading master planning consultancies over the last few years, words like livable city, walkable and cycle able city, increased tree plantation to reduce the heat