Unemployment | Pakistan Today


First of all let me tell you about unemployment it is a state when a person who is qualities and eligible for job but does not find any job but the problem of unemployment has many countries from many years and it is still major issue for every person who is willing to find a job in a country like Pakistan it becomes such a difficult task for a government to provider job to every job skeer . On the other hand, there are many reason for the lack of employment in Pakistan .One of the reason for unemployment is that Pakistan is also developed country and getting developed for moderanize it is also lacks job because of the excess using technology machines industries start using heavy machine in the place of many workers and the workers are getting laid off and unemployment. Especially old people who lives alone are a lot of problem due to modernizate and using of technology ,there are many reason such one of country education system which focus only on bookis knowledge and much less on practices knowledge ,this kind of education system is called as degree orient system be we actual need a system which career oriented .If a person has completed many years in school and college and is still for a job then what is outercame of those years and therw is a need of change in our education system ,there must be some vocational studies which help enchain the skill of study. Everybody are thinking to have a government job and this is quite impossible one of the main reason of lack of unemployment of our country Pakistan. In last, i hope that government will solve this issue soon.

Zubair Zahid