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Political flaws

Before independence subcontinent people were upright against the government of British for succeeding freedom. With the passage of time, their sacrifices brought colour in the shape of a free country. After that, every leader wanted to bring unique changes for the structure of the state. History says, in the time of 1990s the government of Benazir and Nawaz Sharif got entirely collapsed. Further, in 1999 General Musharraf began the marsh law. So, again it was one of the huge barrier for the development of the country. Time passed, every government claimed to take responsibility for the state’s masses and provide them magnificent changes but all in vain. Now, PM Imran Khan has taken the footsteps towards the prosperity. But nothing good happens for the people of state. Leaders have been oath a lot for the prosperity, but it converts into adversity. If one talks about the constitutions of Pakistan, each individual has the right of liberty and freedom of speech, but the grounds of realities are quite different. Let them avoid other basic rights, now seventy years completed yet the facilitation of electricity invisible different areas of state. Yet the state has lack of blessed politicians.

Waleed Lal