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Tutor needed for Fawad Chaudhry

I was surprised to watch him saying ,in his today’s( 27th December 2020) Maryam Nawaz/ Bilawal Bhutto criticising press conference wherein the Minister of Science & Technology that Pakistan is World’s 5th strongest country and Muslim World’s strongest country because Pakistan is a nuclear power. Clearly the minister, in my opinion, needs to learn economics because actually a country is strong when it’s economy is strong . A strong economy excels in a country’s sovereignty . Since Pakistan’s economy is very weak , we have to request from time to time international financial institutions like the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and others for loans and financial support . When the government Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf came to power in the year 2018 , it decided to go to friendly countries for loans . Strong countries don’t have do this. Therefore, I believe real strong country is the one which has strong economy . The rulers of the country must concentrate to strengthen country’s economy. Pakistan is world 6th largest country by population but it’s GDP ( Nominal ) Ranking is 38 in the world . I believe Pakistan can become 6th largest economy of the world because we have all the natural resources and hard working manpower.
Ejaz Ahmad Magoon