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Sorrowful December 

In the history of Pakistan many sorrowful and heartbreaking accidents occurred like attack on Army public school Peshawar, martyrization of Benazir Bhutto and etc  which make the month of December black and sorrowful for the public of Pakistan. Among those days 27th December is really heartbreaking day on which we lost our great leader the prime minister of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto who was martyred on 27th of December 2007. She was the only female prime minister of Pakistan in the history. Besides, she was a brave and honest leady who struggled a lot for Pakistan and its public but unfortunately, the cruel killers killed her but the killers were deprived from the awareness that by killing her only her body will be departed from us but her ideology, efforts are alive and present in the history of Pakistan as well she is alive in everyone’s heart.
Imtiaz Ali