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Media and politics

Media’s main function is to harness the masses with reliable and up-to-date news from every nook and cranny of the world. For this purpose media’s freedom and autonomy matters, media can’t perform it’s job wantonly unless it is self-reliant.
It is said that in a democratic country everyone is free to speak whatever he wants, but it is only restricted to the extent of speaking in our country. In actual practice, you can’t speak freely in Pakistan. Many peoples are severely murdered and punished for telling and supporting truth. In this era, you can’t point out the faults of the regime you just have to accept it whatever it is. You just have to put yes in their yes and if you ever tried to be honest and stand by truth, be rebellion to corrupt government, you will lose you life. Many reporters, journalists and columnists are killed for speaking against the country and military. Our system is never ready to accept it’s own flaws but it’s always ready to assassinate the people who are speaking against it. Communicating against army and government is akin to inviting death to your doorstep.
Media should be free to do reporting, the matter should be stated as it is. Unfortunately, our politicians use to buy off news channels before elections as they work for them, support them, create a good image of them in public, speak in their favour, and increase their reputation. The political party which does corruption before coming in power, buys votes of the people, buy press, how can we expect a good and sincere governance by that party after coming into power? That’s what which happens in our country, that’s why our democracy system is failed. Democracy is the best form of politics, if the peoples realize it.
Media should support none but always be on the side of fairness and justice. The press can lead the country towards amendment or illiteracy and evil. Therefore, it utterly depends on press how it is doing its job. Without fair and trustworthy journalism we can’t head towards good morality and politics. Media has a great role to play in the progress and prosperity of the country.

Muzaffar Khoso,