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Covid in far flung areas

It is known to everyone that, second wave of Covid-19 is more pandemic than its first wave that caused the sharp spike of the daily infections and fatalities in cool winter season. It hurts me to see the population of Awaran’s, all are suffering from different symptoms of the diseases such as high fever, headache, cough, runny nose, also breathing problems and many more Covid-19 contains. But unluckily due to non-availability of Covid-19 test facilities and awareness it is making the situation more harmful for the people of Awarans. Moreover, Awaran is the single distirct that remains lack of common diseases treatment and test facilities rather a neglected district of Balochistan.
It is urgently urged to the government to ensure the preventive measurements of the pandemic disease which may not harm the people up-coming cool weather of harsh winter.
Altaf Adam