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According to Merriam-Webster the procrastinate means to put off intentionally and habitually. The word itself tells us the meaning of it. High levels of human beings are willing to procrastinate. We always think for tomorrow but when tomorrow comes but we will forget and again try the same word for tomorrow. Why are we back? Is a question always asked to the Government but it is the issue of us. We are procrastinating everytime. We wait for tomorrow. When you delay work for a good reason, you’re not procrastinating. What’s a good reason? When your work improves with the delay. The problems of us are when we say that we don’t know and wait for tomorrow but reality we must learn today. May we cannot do tomorrow. There are a lot of benefits of stopping procrastination. If we stop , we will be very strong and we cannot deceive ourselves. As a request to all to beat procrastination and tell yourself to do it today , not tomorrow. May you get very stronger.
Janshair Ameer

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