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Munir urges world to ensure $20bn for Covid vaccine

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) President Munir Akram has urged the international community to ensure adequate financial resources against epidemics across the world.
In a message on the occasion of International Day of Epidemic, which was observed on Sunday, he said, “Our response towards all epidemics especially Covid-19 must be of solidarity and international cooperation.” He said that everyone should be provided with equal access to advanced treatments, including vaccines.
“The first and immediate task is to ensure that the vaccine against the Covid virus is distributed early and equitably to everyone,” Akram said.
In this regard, he called for fully funding the $20 billion-short Covax facility, which is aimed at ensuring all countries will have equal access to any vaccines, once developed.
“Our performance in controlling the emerging and re-emerging epidemics depends on the quality and efficiency of our health systems,” the ECOSOC president said, adding that it was also dependent on the strength and agility of early warning systems.
But, he said, developing countries lacked essential financial resources to invest in their health systems, and their response to pandemics would depend upon the availability of emergency concessional financing.
Ambassador Akram called for ensuring that everyone everywhere – rich or poor – gets equal and equitable access to the most advanced treatments, including vaccines.

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