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Rising temperature

  • Government refuses to unify the nation

India’s BJP government seems bent on developing a war hysteria against Pakistan. Not only has it engaged in increasing pressure on the Line of Control, with the latest incident of firing leading to the killing of two persons from Indian shelling and to the summons of the Indian chargé d’affaires to the Foreign Office to receive a protest at the 3012 incidents of firing in 2020, which have led to 28 people being killed and 253 injured. The Indian build-up has caused enough concern in Pakistan, for the Chief of Army Staff, Gen Qamar Javed Bajwa, to tour the LoC, where he vowed that the Indian military would get a befitting reply if they attempted any misadventure. India is also preparing its nation for a misadventure, because this is firmly supported by the Indian media, one sign being the £20,000 fine imposed on Republic TV by British media regulator Ofcom, for telecasting a programmed designed to cause hatred of Pakistanis. The offending talk show showed several participants as calling all Pakistanis terrorists. The recent intelligence report that India was to launch a false-flag operation, and a surgical strike, showed that the Indian military is anxious to avenge itself for its failure at Balakot last year.

The military itself has identified India as engaging in fifth-generation warfare against Pakistan. If so, an important component of defence is national unity. India may present a picture of division, not just because India is suffering from the BJP’s persecution of minorities, as well as the rising farmer’s protests. The PTI in Pakistan is eagerly sowing the seeds of disunity by persecuting political opponents. While the Indian government is trying to paper over its deeds and create national unity by creating war hysteria, Pakistan’s is not preparing for the defence that might become necessary.

The government should, at this critical juncture, admit that it alone cannot take on the defence of the nation, and summon Parliament, perhaps in joint session. It is certain that the opposition will show that it supports the country in its hour of trial. The ensuing display of national unity will go some way to preventing any hostile power casting an evil eye on the motherland.