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Imran Khan’s regrets

Imran Khan ‘s admission that he came to power without doing necessary homework speaks volumes of his incompetance , inefficiciency and lack of good governance . As a result he has wasted two and a half years of the nation’s precious time by not taking timely correct decisions . I can not recall a single item that he can be proud of , which he has done to alleviate the condition of the poor masses and citizens of the country . Like so many other ailments for which he has been constantly blaming the previous government , let him pass on lack of doing the ” homework ” also to the previous government , as the people have become used to hear such utterances. May I ask the worthy PM what has he been doing in last 22 years before being installed as head of the government? I think he was living in a fantasy least bothered to know how a government is run . His rhetoric that he struggled all these years and the rosy picture and promises he made in election campaign for a better change have all proved false and betrayal to the nation . If one does not know his job , he should select good ministers , special assistants and advisors who can deliver . IK also failed on this account . I do not belong to any political party but I am pained to see the country going downhill in almost every field , be it the national economy , prices of essential food items & medicines and rising unemployment. I assure the readers that controlling circular debt and streamlining power sector function are beyond the capability of the government . We should forget about affordable cheaper power . The countrywide gas shortage has further added to the miseries of the people from Karachi to Peshawar & Queta. This is unprecedented and is the result of negligence and incompetence on behalf of the government and was preventable . What is the way out ? Should the incumbent government be given further two and a half years for learning and experimentation ? I keep my fingers

Engineer Rizwan Bhutta