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Karachi’s strays

I have finally become compelled with how to raise this issue to the government, because now the issue has now become critical. The issue is that the number of street dogs in the city of Karachi is on the upsurge. Because of this increase, they are becoming more dangerous for the people and especially the children. Day by day, the number of incidents involving dog biting is rising. Unfortunately, our government doesn’t seem to take this vital issue seriously. People going to the mosque for Fajar and Isha prayers are the most vulnerable. Mothers are constantly in fear when they send their kids to school and or errands because of this issue which is completely neglected by the corrupt officials of the government. Whenever the suggestion/demand of poising these mad dogs is brought up to the respected officials they are more concerned about animal cruelty than the safety of our children. Therefore, I appeal to the Army Chief and the Chief Justice of Pakistan to take note of this serious situation and convince our government to act accordingly.

Muhammad Azeem