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Incorporating Technology in Education

As the saying goes, “ in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunities.” As the covid-19 has taken its toll on education sector, it has also open new avenue of incorporating technology in our education system. Coronavirus has compelled authorities to digitalize education delivery system in order to provide distant learning during the closure of educational institutes. However, owing to capacity issues, digital divide and digital illiteracy, government is unable to provide dividends of technology to everyone, particularly in the remote areas of Pakistan. A recent decision by the Universal Service Fund (USF) to provide high-speed mobile broadband services to the remote areas of Pakistan is a welcome news in this regard. This will enable residents of these remote areas to access modern education on internet. This will not only revolutionize education delivery but also help in education management in far flung areas. The need of hour, therefore, is to digitalize educational system so that students in distant area can get education in this time of crisis.

Faisal Hayat