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Welcome back to fly

The CNN news report has confirmed that the Brazilian GOL Airline has started operating the services of Boeing 737 Max passenger planes. These planes have been pressed into service after quite a long gap caused by various reasons like the current pandemic, fatal incidents.

All these events are pretty encouraging and such bold steps should be welcomed by all. Quite interestingly, the recent business tie-ups between GOL and the 737 Max maker have been inspiring on top of good lessons and ethics to be emulated by other competitors over there.

Travelling always carries boundless joy en route, exposing you to new people and places in quick time. In my college days in the late 1990s, students from Korkai, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin, Tirunelveli in Tamil Nadu had enthusiastically started embarking on paragliding through special arrangements out there. No wonder then all the students had enjoyed their tryst with the paragliding experiment.

Besides that, Asia has been home to all kinds of tourism, most Asian nations having been able to attract tourists through their uniqueness and geographical locations. There have been of late air travel bubble arrangements between various countries facilitated to restart commercial flight services in the best interests of the fliers across the world.

Against the backdrop of the COVID vaccine breakthrough, it would only do well to reopen the economy and flight operations through such bubble system.

P Senthil Saravana Durai