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Karachi kidney hill scam

There is no law on statute books which allows an irregularity and illegality, such as illegal occupation of land allocated as an amenity park to be regularized, even through an out of court settlement or compromise. Land once allocated for amenity park, exclusively becomes public property and nobody has the right to take over or occupy such property.

There will be chaos if muscle power or threats and intimidation are allowed to prevail over what has been declared as unlawful by the constitution. A state that allows such abuse to go on unchallenged, is a country doomed to become a Banana Republic like Somalia ruled by warlords.

Unfortunately, in 2005-2006 over 62 acres of land, near Karsaz, became a subject of dispute, in connivance with criminal patronage of Altaf Hussain led MQM, and Overseas Housing Society, headed by a controversial lawyer of Karachi and his son, working as a pilot in state owned national airline. As usual what has been happening in Pakistan, where crime pays dividends, an out of court settlement was made, with patronage of corruption infected elements within the city and provincial government, and over 20 acres of land belonging to the public was surrendered to the land mafia.

Such illegalities escalated after 2002 in Karachi when Altaf Hussain affiliated MQM became a terror group, which was allowed to indulge in kidnapping for ransom and neither state, nor private land was safe from illegal occupation by the mafia. All this occurred while Musharraf junta held power and the constitution became hostage to greed of few. Thousands of acres of land belonging to railways, including that on which Karachi Circular Railway was built, was taken over by the mafia and till to-date people suffer.

Ali Malik T