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Indian media unearths Pakistan-linked terror outfits Jaish Hazlewood, Pak Cummins

NEW DELHI/MUMBAI/ADELAIDE: In a sensational revelation, Indian media has unveiled the actual identities of alleged Australian fast bowlers Josh Hazlewood and Patrick Cummins as Pakistan linked terrorist outfits Jaish Hazlewood and Pak Cummins.

In a sting operation conducted early Saturday afternoon, following Australia’s eight-wicket triumph against India in the first Test at Adelaide, it was revealed that Hazlewood and Cummins who combined for all of India’s second innings wickets in the side’s lowest ever Test total in history, are actually terrorist groups with clear links to Pakistan.

“Hazlewood and Cummins, whose actual first names are Jaish and Pak are both simultaneously terrorist individuals and terror outfits linked to Pakistan, making them the most dangerous exponents of terror today,” revealed Republic TV Editor-In-Chief Arnab Goswami on his channel.

Indian media has further unearthed that the ball used by these terror outfits on Day Three of the Adelaide Test was actually an improvised explosive device (IED), improvised to a point where it can terrorise through new non-state-of-the-art technology.

“We have evidence that this IED was made in Sialkot, a Pakistani city near the Indian border. Pakistani intelligence agencies supervised its construction and then unleashed Jaish Hazlewood and Pak Cummins,” revealed Kangana Ranaut, an undercover journalist, sociologist, and historian, who poses as an actor.

Indian media further confirmed that the Narendra Modi-led Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will take up Jaish Hazlewood and Pak Cummins at the next meeting of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) with a motion already being prepared to urge the United Nations to designate them as UN recognised terror outfits.

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The above piece is a work of satire and does not present itself as the truth.


  1. SKChadha said:

    Surprisingly RAW also found even the nexus of entire Indian Cricket team in this blast. The matter is under serious investigation of NIA, CBI and Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU) who are preparing a Dossier of irrefutable evidences. ????

  2. Atif said:

    Wait for Indians to all show up here. They love browsing Pakistani websites. And they surely can’t take a joke.

  3. Hanif Malik said:

    Since FATF Session is comming closer, Indians have have to create/generate situation where they can malign Pakistan. This all will not work. Pakistan has provided solid proofs to UN regarding their activities.

  4. Tariq Rafi said:

    Indians should be awarded “JOKERS OF THIS CENTURY “ probably their brains have been attacked by Covid

  5. Sibtejafri said:

    India has got all this authentic information that they obtained the spy Pakistani pegion they captured in the Western part of India close to the Pakistani border.

  6. Humera said:

    Had a good laugh. Wish Arnab would take heed….qasam say he takes the trophy for ” lota journo”

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