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No jobs for the poor 

Yesterday, when I met an old age of my neighbour that showed me people’s disappointment and governments failure. He said that jobs are for the rich and the poor are born to labour only. He told me that his younger brother had done his B.E with good grades and he is still unemployed. He further told me that his brother passes written tests every time but he is dropped in interview again and again because they ask for money and we don’t have any cash to pay off, we just had been living from hand to mouth existence, that’s why my younger brother is still jobless. His words made my heart cry tears of blood. I felt shy and guilty to be part of a society where violation of merit is so common and everything is for the rich, the poor are ignored and neglected as if they don’t even exist.

Our each and every institution is corrupt and buyable. It is said that hard work pays off. Nay, in Pakistan hard work doesn’t pay but wealth does. We can see many examples around ourselves, competent and hardworking students are left behind while the rich and amateurs are getting jobs easily.

There is no job in Pakistan which can’t be bought with wealth. What to talk of other professions even our politicians can be bought off. Indeed, they all are dishonest and venal. They deserve harsh punishments and vengeances. The question is that who is will bring them to book? —our whole system from a sweeper to the established government is corrupt.

A balance in society is important without fairness, opportunities will always mean for the wealthy peoples. The penniless poor will be disregard and passed over in every walk of life. And the rich will be favoured everywhere, such a society will never stand and make progress. For making advancement equality and justice is must. For the establishment of a stable society favouritism, discrimination and corruption must be wiped out.

Muzaffar Khoso