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Willing for talks

  • With a tough condition

Prime Minister Imran Khan categorically announced not to allow the PDM rally in Multan. His spokespersons suggested imprisonment for those attending the rally. Scores of opposition workers were subsequently hauled up and the access to the rally’s proposed venue blocked with containers. As the highly motivated PDM workers advanced pushing aside obstacles, the administration belatedly announced it was removing barricades to allow the rally to be held. This has led to mutual accusations within the government circles, with some putting blame on the Punjab government for the fiasco.

The PDM’s success has raised its confidence while it has created doubts about the government’s ability to stop the Lahore rally scheduled for December 13 and the subsequent march on Islamabad. The need for talks is in the air now. Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid Ahmed who has so far been predicting the break-up of the PML(N) has suddenly started advising the opposition leaders to enter into dialogue with the government to steer the country out of the political impasse. The opposition is however unwilling to have any parleys with the Prime Minister, as it considers him powerless. It is however willing to hold negotiations with those who matter.

Imran Khan’s total administrative experience consisted of leading a cricket team to win the World Cup. His major success story is collecting donations for a first-class cancer hospital run by a dedicated team of professionals. Mr Khan misled many by maintaining that the most important hurdle in the country’s progress were corrupt politicians. Once they were in jail every problem the country faces would be fixed by him. With him as Prime Minister, patriotic expatriates would send home of millions of dollars, enough to run the country. Once in power, Mr Khan has tried to run the country, which is much more complex than a cancer hospital, through unelected advisers presented as the best specialists in their field. After two and a half years of the persecution of politicians, the country faces the worst economic situation due to lack of competence on Mr Khan’s part. This has implications for national defence also. All the opposition parties are willing to hold talks, albeit with the powers that be, with one condition. The country has to be run strictly in accordance with the Constitution, with no institution transgressing into another’s turf.

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