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Govt performance 

The performance of the incumbent government has been very disappointing in almost all fields during first half of its tenure , highlighted by incompetence and lack of foresight .

From the Prime Minister down to his cabinet members , they recite the ” mantra ” that the previous government is responsible for all the ills in the country , weather it is ever rising costs of electricity & gas , the flour , sugar and medicine prices or unemployment.

The notorious circular debt has tripled during this regime and is continously rising , but the previous government is blamed for it .

The last government is blamed for high corruption and amassing wealth beyond means . Their leaders are put behind bars for months and years but the government has failed to recover a single penny from the alledged looted money .

NAB has been targeting the opposition members by arresting them and putting them in jail without doing the needed homework to proceed against them successfully in courts which have been passing unwelcome observations on the working of NAB .

The corruption and inefficiency is rampant in government departments and there is no check and accountability.

One can not cite a single commendable venture of national importance taken by the government. It has been re – inaugurating the projects already conceived and inaugurated by the previous governments .

It is high time to get rid of this incompetent regime which is posing an economic risk .

Engr Riaz Bhutta