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A man of Courage 

Apropos to International Day Of People With Disability Being Observed On 3rd December  In life, some unanticipated incidents and tragedies occur which ends the purpose of living for a person, but then it is the element of hope that gives the courage to live and that teaches the art to survive. There is a famous quote that if you have opted to live with hope then life becomes easy to live. This story is of a doctor who decided to live with courage despite knowing the fact that his life will never return to normalcy

Dr. Aslam Khowaja alias Dr. Aslam Azad was born on 30 August 1965 in jati, the coastal town of district Sujawal in the house of a poor but dedicated and diligent teacher Ashiq Ali Khawaja who was known for his integrity and uprightness. The teachings of his father motivated him and inclined him to work for the progression of poor masses and to create awareness in society.

During his tenure as general secretary of SST, he organized different events, seminars, and conventions to keep the students of Sindh Awakened and aware of their issues. Besides that, he also took steps for providing free scholarships to the poor and necessitous student studying in different universities and colleges of Sindh

Dr Aslam worked with different social organizations, he was an active member of Chandoki Social Welfare, Sindhi Adabi forum, Aga Khan Foundation, Awami doctors forum, and Sindhi Adabi Sangat. Through these organizations, he deflected his fellows and young generations towards social service.

After receiving his early education from his home town jati and Sujawal he moved to Liaquat Medical College jamshoro (now university) for higher education from there he completed his MBBS in 1991.

He served as Correspondent of Urdu newspaper JUNG, Sindhi Newspaper JAGO, and Weekly Sindhi Magazine TAHERIK. Along with it, he was chief editor of his newspaper AWAZ. The formation of the Jamshoro Press club is a result of his resolute efforts.

20 December 1991 is the day when dreams, desires. the whims and wishes of the young doctor disappeared into the darkness. On that day when he was on his way back home after attending a Medical camp, a horrifying accident near sujawal badly damaged his spinal cord. The injured doctor was rushed to a private hospital where he remained under treatment for Months.

Doctors left no stone unturned in reviving his physical ability but they could not succeed and in the end, he was declared untreatable.

Despite that tragedy he is still living with courage and always tries to contribute for the society