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A good suggestion 

Any democratic system guarantees the right to assemble and protest a sitting government. Protesting via rallies and sit-ins is democratic if the principle of protecting human life and dignity is followed. Be it an advanced of democracies or the worst of it, no one has the right to create a mess and drive the country to the edge of disaster. Unfortunately, politicians in our country forget the basics and believe that they have a free pass to everything, even if it involves jeopardizing human life or the survival of the country. Most of the people in our country are struggling to make their ends meet. All they want and desire is access to basic needs such as healthcare, education, and security. However, our politicians seem oblivious to what people want. The country is in the grip of multifarious crises including Coronavirus and our politicians are engaged in an ugly war for power. The leaders from the govt and the opposition play the game of mudslinging and hoodwink people with new promises every day. While the PDM keeps claiming that the government will soon be gone in rallies that endanger the life of people, the government seems to have no other job than to accuse the opposition of all the ills. Surprisingly, in the middle of this chaos, the leader of the opposition in the NA has called for a national dialogue, which seems to have fallen on deaf ears on both sides. The proposal is sensible and leaders if serious and firm can find out a solution to the situation, we are stuck in. There is no way to get out of the mess we are in except holding national dialogue, which is the way out in worst of the situations. Confrontation will not take us far and might end in an outcome that is bad for all parties including the country. Therefore, I appeal to the leadership on both sides to pay serious consideration to the suggestion of Mr. Shahbaz Sharif and for once try to enter a dialogue purely to help people and stabilize the country.

Raja Shafaatullah