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Sikhs observe 551st birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak

–Imran assures Sikhs of facilitation, holy sites’ protection
–Qadri says followers of all religions are equal citizens of Pakistan
As the festivities of the 551st birth anniversary of Baba Guru Nanak, the founder of Sikhism, came to an end on Monday, the government assured the Sikh community that their holy sites would be protected in Pakistan.
Sikh pilgrims from Pakistan, India and other parts of the world attended the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. The main ceremony began with the morning hymns followed by Kathas and Kirtan in the praise of the Guru. Later a special community lunch was held followed by night prayer sessions at Gurdwara.
The stalls in Nankana Sahib showcased commemorative postal tickets released by Pakistan’s postal service and commemorative coins issued by the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP).
Every year, more than 2,000 Sikhs come to Pakistan to participate in the birth anniversary celebrations of Guru Nanak Dev. However, the number has reduced this year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The pilgrims will return to India via the Wagah border crossing on December 1 at the end of their pilgrimage.
In a video message released on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan assured the Sikh community that their holy sites in Pakistan will be protected and all possible facilities will be made available for them.
“We have completely revamped Hassan Abdal Railway Station to facilitate Sikh pilgrims, who come to their sacred site at Panja Sahib,” he said, adding that all facilities have been provided at the railway station.
Imran said that Nankana Sahib and Kartarpur are the two most sacred sites for Sikhs. He said that these sites are as sacred to Sikhs as Makkah and Medina are sacred to the Muslims.
He made it clear that his government is committed to preserving and protecting the holy sites of all religions, including churches, temples and places relating to Buddhism as well as the Gandhara Civilisation.
Meanwhile, Federal Minister for Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony Noor-ul-Haq Qadri said that Pakistan is the safest country for all minorities, including Sikh community, to live in tranquillity.
Addressing a ceremony held in connection with Baba Guru Nanak’s 551st birth anniversary in Nanka Sahib, Qadri said that followers of all religions are equal citizens of Pakistan.
He said that opening of Kartarpur Corridor is a gift from the government of Pakistan to the Sikh community. He added that all religions of the world have spread the message of love, peace, harmony, brotherhood and tolerance among the masses.

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  1. samir sardana said:

    The Sikh Farmers are protesting in Delhi

    The Sikhs have still not learnt !

    The Brahmin/Bania/Pandit vermin who killed the Sikh Gurus,and corrupted,stole and forged the Sikh Scriptures,have nailed the Sikhs again !

    The Rajputs and Jats like rats destroyed the Khalsa from within ! The Dogra rats became Sikhs on the Condition that they would continue to pray to necro goddess Durga.They betrayed Ranjit Singh,joined the Brits,destroyed the Khalsa army,and then brokered the Khalsa-Brit peace treaty and the takeover of Kashmir from the Khalsa.In lieu of their treachery,the Brits gave Kashmir to the Dogra Rats !

    Then the Dogra rats stole 63 carts of gold from Ranjit Singh and imposed NanakShahi in Kashmir, with the melted gold,and imposed Jazia,on the Muslims in Kashmir.

    Still the Sikhs do NOT LEARN !

    The Hindoos have struck again !

    They will destroy the Sikh farmers ! Sikhs were targetted as a strategy with drugs,terror by the Indian State,Urea poisoning,splinter faiths (like the various babas),Quasi Hindoo beliefs …..They made Nanak’s son become a Udaasi – which is the anti-thesis of Sikhism.Nanak and Tegh Bahadur were Farmers.

    Now the “WAY OF LIFE” of the Sikhs will be destroyed..Farming is the way of the Essenes – something that a Panwari Brahmin/Bania cermin will never understand

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    True Nanakshahi can ONLY be enforced in Khalistan

    Sikhs have been corrupted and doomed by the Hindoos.Will they ever wake up ?

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