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Court to indict Iqbal in NSC case on December 7

ISLAMABAD: An accountability court in Islamabad on Monday decided to indict Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) secretary general and former minister Ahsan Iqbal in a case pertaining to Narowal Sports City (NSC) project on December 7.

Iqbal appeared before the court of Judge Asghar Ali amid tight security. The court while ordering to provide copies of the reference to him and other accused fixed the date for indictment.

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) filed the reference against Iqbal earlier this month in the accountability court of Islamabad, accusing the PML-N stalwart of misuse of authority and “illegally enhancing the scope of [the] project from Rs34.75 million to Rs3 billion”.

He was arrested by the bureau in December last year from the anti-corruption watchdog’s Rawalpindi chapter’s office where he had appeared to record his statement in the case.


  1. Malik said:

    IQBAL is product of corrupt Sharif mafia group. Plenty more to come out of the woodwork yet. Louder they shout, more corrupt they are !

  2. Ayan said:

    When even the supreme court has called out the ‘selective’ nature of the accountability drive, we know this indictment is a sham. How can democracy work, when the entire opposition is behind bars. Yet, all those PTI mafia bosses are getting rich off the sugar, wheat and cotton crisis that have made life miserable for the common man. The sooner Imran Kant is removed, the sooner Pakistan can recover to the level established by the previous PML-N government under Nawaz Sharif (5.6% GDP growth, rather than -.2% under the current incompetent and corrupt PTI).

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