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DHA shootout: PTI leader’s driver allegedly among 5 suspects killed by police

A shootout occurred in Phase 4 of Karachi’s Defence Housing Authority (DHA), resulting in the deaths of five purported robbers, according to the police officials, however, a local Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader claimed that one of the five suspects shot was her family driver.

PTI leader Laila Parveen and her husband Advocate Ali Hasnain added that Ghulam Abbas had been her driver for many years who was taken away from her home and killed.

The alleged robbers had entered a bungalow with the intention of looting it but were stopped by the police, who arrived soon after receiving information of the burglary taking place, said Gizri Station House Officer (SHO) Agha Mashooq.

The SHO alleged that these men were part of a gang that conducted house robberies in both Sindh and Punjab.

Jinnah Postgraduate Medical Centre Executive Director Dr Seemin Jamali said that all five individuals were pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital. Three of the deceased were identified as 44-year-old Ghulam Mohammad, 65-year-old Riaz and 36-year-old Abid. It is now emerging that one of the two remaining men, Ghulam Abbas, may have been the driver of the PTI leader. The remaining suspect, who is believed to be in his 30s, has not yet been identified.

Taking to social media, Parveen and her husband provided their side of the story, in which they said that police had detained Abbas from their home in DHA Phase 4 and killed him along with four others while the vehicle seized from the suspects also belonged to them.

“There was no record that my vehicle was used in any crime and there was no criminal record of my driver either,” the lawyer asserted, adding that he did not know the other four men killed in the shootout.

Parveen added that at around 4:30 am, policemen in plainclothes had come to their house and taken away the driver and their vehicle. “CCTV cameras are installed in my house; if police haven’t destroyed the footages all facts will become clear,” Hasnain added.

The couple referred to the driver as a “gentleman”, and demanded justice for his killing.

Meanwhile, the police claimed that they took out a “dacoit gang” in the area they were patrolling, adding that the group, identified as the ‘Seraiki gang’, had opened fire on them first and that they were acting in self-defence.

“This Seraiki gang as per their modus operandi sought information from house servants and carried out house robberies at an appropriate time,” read the police statement.

Police claimed to have recovered five pistols and four CNICs from their custody but the police statement was silent about the specific charges of the PTI leader.