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Pakistan becomes president of IDLO for the first time

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has been unanimously elected as the president of the International Development Law Organisation (IDLO), an affiliate of the United Nations (UN), for a term of three years, replacing the United States at the post.

The elections were held at the annual conference of the assembly of parties of IDLO. Pakistan would commence its presidency in January 2021, with the United States and Italy serving as vice presidents.

The participants of the meeting included head of UNDP, president of ECOSOC, ombudsman of Afghanistan, justice minister of Somalia and director-general IDLO, who echoed these sentiments.

Pakistan’s ambassador to Italy and permanent representative to Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO), World Food Programme (WFP) and International Fund For Agricultural Development (IFAD), Jauhar Saleem, will be serving in the dual leadership positions on behalf of Pakistan.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Italy Johar Saleem said in his statement that Pakistan’s election as IDLO president is welcome news and trumps India’s anti-Pakistan narrative at the diplomatic level. The ambassador also thanked the IDLO members for entrusting Pakistan with this responsibility.

Highlighting Prime Minister Imran Khan’s vision and agenda of combating corruption, enhancing transparency and ensuring accountability, he noted that a two-pronged strategy was required to address the formidable challenge.

Ambassador Saleem underlined that rooting out corruption could not only help ensure rule of law and equal rights but also help to achieve sustainable development.

Pakistan has been a member of IDLO since 2015 and earlier served on the Standing Committee and the Audit and Finance Committee as a member.

IDLO, which is headquartered in Rome, is the only international inter-governmental organization devoted to the promotion of rule of law and rights-based development in the world.