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‘Kashmiris losing their political and cultural identity due to Indian actions’

Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi has written another letter to the president of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), in which he said that the actions of India in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IOK) was causing the indigenous population to lose their sense of identity.

“As a result of the Indian agenda to convert the Muslim majority of IIOJK into a minority, the indigenous Kashmiris are losing their political and cultural identity, their rightful demographic majority, and ownership of their properties in their own homeland,” Qureshi said in the letter on Wednesday.

Along with detailing the effects of the military occupation and the influx of non-Kashmiris, the letter also highlighted the unlawful demographic changes in the occupied territory, which are against the UNSC resolutions, the UN Charter and international law, including the 4th Geneva Convention.

Furthermore, the letter stressed on the repeated violations by India of the 2003 Ceasefire Understanding.

“The over 2,700 ceasefire violations committed by India this year have resulted in the death of 25 innocent people and serious injuries to more than 200 civilians,” the letter read.

In his concluding remarks in the letter, Qureshi called on the UNSC to prevent India from perpetrating its criminal colonial project and to help give the people of Kashmir the right to self-determination, as was decided in the UN resolutions.

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