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PM, Ministers agree to speed up Karachi Transformation Plan

During a Federal Cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Imran Khan and various ministers agreed to speed up the Karachi Transformation Plan (KPT) as the people of the port city have high expectations from the government’s Karachi Package.

The meeting, chaired by PM Imran, reviewed the economic conditions of the country and a 14-point agenda was presented in regard to taking action to tackle the issues faced by the nation.

Federal Minister for Information Technology and Telecommunication Amin-ul-Haq pointed out that the KPT was moving painstakingly slow and that it needs attention to be sped up, to which the premier agreed.

PM Imran has called for a meeting in Karachi on Thursday to accelerate the three-year development plan for Karachi, which is worth Rs1,100 billion. The plan is to tackle the city’s major problems, including sewerage, solid waste management, transportation, and the provision of clean drinking water to the masses.

The KTP includes six mass transit plans, including the Karachi Circular Railway (KCR), which is worth Rs300 billion.