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15 men accused of gang-raping, filming teenage sisters

FAISALABAD: 15 men have been accused of gang-raping and filming two teenage sisters, according to a media report.

A complaint has been filed on behalf of the victims’ mother, who stated that her two daughters, one aged 17 years old and the other 15, were kidnapped on September 11 by a group of persons.

She said that her daughters were taken to different locations for six days where they were gang-raped by the suspects, who allegedly intoxicated the teenage girls and took indecent photographs and recorded videos of them.

The FIR states that the 15-year-old girl was dropped off at Faisalabad’s Jhang Bazaar while her sister was left at Gujranwala before the suspects fled.

The woman said that the family could not take legal action against the suspects on account of poverty hence they decided to leave their residence and settle somewhere else, however, the suspects did not leave the family alone and continued to catcall and record videos of the teenage sisters wherever they went.

According to the complaint, the two sisters were travelling with their mother on Millat Road six days ago when the suspects started recording videos of the girls again. On being told not to do so, they assaulted the mother and her daughters before fleeing.

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