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PEMRA asks advertisers to stop using irrelevant visuals to ‘promote consumerism’

LAHORE: After receiving complaints pertaining to an allegedly objectionable advertisement of a biscuit brand, the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Monday barred the advertising agencies from “rampant use” of irrelevant visuals to “promote consumerism”.

The said advertisement which offered a mix of song and dance has been on the receiving end of flak on social media since it first aired on Sunday with netizens accusing it of being “indecent” and “suggestive”.

In a communiqué addressed to Pakistan Broadcaster Association, Pakistan Advertising Association and Pakistan Advertisers Society, a copy of which is available with Pakistan Today, the media regulatory body said it was receiving criticism for “allowing STV channels to air such indecent advertisements […] in such a bizarre manner”.

“The consumers are of the opinion that presentation of the products in such manner is wittingly or unwittingly merely aiming to promote consumerism which also requires due consideration by all the stakeholders.”

The agency also urged the biscuit brand to give consideration to public sentiment and review the content of the advertisement.

The advertisers were also urged to get their content reviewed by the in-house monitoring committees “to save the consumer from the mayhem of consumerism”.

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  1. Farhan Qadri said:

    Looks like all channels have crossed their limits be it advertisements or dramas and Pemra is merely sitting on sidelines and waiting on consumers complaints rather than controlling and be watchful themselves. It could be that PEMRA has such Liberal people sitting in there who don’t think that anything aired does break any rules of decency in this society.

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